Before and After : Then and Now

January 13, 2010

One of the greatest attributes that has been equated with being a great coach is that he is honest. In Mark McQwire we have seen a before and after scenario. We saw him before he was a coach when as a player he was a witness before the Congress in a hearing on the use of steroids in baseball. We now see him as a rookie coach in MLB starting his career and maybe having some regret in how he played baseball. How is it that we deceive ourselves into believing that people cannot see what we are really like. What images do we portray to people? Is it pictures of a person who is honest and upright or of one who has made changes in secret (juicing) and expectations of no one knowing. The proof is in “the puddin” sort of speaking. Pictures do not lie even if we do. Remember, today as a coach you will go out on the field of competition with a crowd of people watching to see how honest you will walk and talk today.


Spitting, Baseball, and Etiquette

October 31, 2008

Now that the professional baseball season is officially over I have to say something about this beloved game: what’s the deal with spitting? I recorded this a few weeks ago so here’s my take on it…