“The Superbowl Off The Field”

January 27, 2010

With just days till the 2010 Superbowl in Miami, the greatest competition may not be on the field but off the field. With much talk about the possible forthcoming Superbowl ad highlighting the story of Pam Tebow (Tim’s mother) and her decision not ot have an abortion versus having the child, TCC checked into her story and found some amazing character issues and core values at work.

Pam Tebow was serving with her husband, Bob, as a missionary to the Phillipines back in 1986. Somehow,  she contracted a disease called amoebic dysentery. This disease is usually caused by the intake of contaminated food or drink. This caused her to fall into a coma for a time. As she was being treated with strong antibiotics, doctors discovered she was pregnant. “[My husband] prayed for a son: Timothy. He came home and asked everyone to pray. Everyone prayed except me, because I already had four sons,” Pam Tebow jokingly shared at a recent gathering back in May of 2009. Once she found out she was pregnant, her doctor said that a healthy birth was nearly impossible. The doctors “didn’t think of it as a life; they thought of it as a mass of fetal tissue,” Pam said. They urged her to abort the baby, explaining that the strong medicines had caused irreversible damage. During this time, Pam nearly lost their baby four times but refused to consider the abortion. She recalled making a pledge to God and siding with her husband, ”If you will give us a son, we’ll name him ‘Timothy,’ and we’ll make him a preacher.” Even though the ad has not been shown as of the date of this posting, Tim is “preaching” today in doing this ad with his mother.

As a coach your character comes out of what you have been taught as well as what you have experienced.  TCC believes that Tim Tebow’s mother may be one of the greatest coaches of all time. She stated that, in homeschooling her children, one of her greatest goals in teaching them was to prepare them for handling disappointments. This is a definite goal of any coach. If your players can handle this issue, you have succeeded.

Tim also shares that he has been taught to lead with encouragement and not criticism. With all the furor and arguing over this one possible ad in the 2010 Superbowl, we are confronted not so much about what we believe about the abortion issue but as to what decision we will make in difficult times. It must be based upon what we believe even when we are deeply criticized for it. Character matters! Just ask Pam Tebow!


The Unrecognized “Coach” At The BCS

January 8, 2010

 This am brings reflections upon the championship game that we watched last night. There were strange happenings all night. Differents sagas took place all during the game. Coaches made decisions all through the game that are providing fodder for fans to chew on today. But TCC believes that one of the greatest coaches during the entire BCS series may have shown up after the championship game in the losing team’s locker room. This “coach” has never even been given an official title as a coach but his words either to or for Colt McCoy may speak volumes for days to come about this game. His words of encouragement definitely put the game in perspective  and especially the injury to Colt. His name is Lt. Col. Greg Gadson. Gadson’s journey “in coaching” began on May 7, 2007 in Bagdad when the humvee he was traveling in was struck by an explosive device. He had numerous injuries and lost his legs which took him through a journey of examining his own self-interest or the perspective of the bigger picture. This journey brought him into the Texas locker room to be with Colt McCoy at one of those gut wrenching moments in sports. It was a “what if” moment. Colt definitely had to look at Greg and consider what good could become of a huge disappointing place in  life. Reading about this caught our attention. TCC exists to point to “coaches” who impact others and this is one day where we salute a “coach” for  making a difference even in a devastating lost. The following links provide more info about this blog.          



Deciding Who Wins!

January 7, 2010


An article on the web this a.m. brought to mind an issue that has been raised every year by many fans. Does religion play a part in the outcome of a game? On the day of the biggest collegiate game of this season, the personal lives of some of the Texan players have been documented as to how they portray their walk with God. Evidently they believe that this walk has something to do with reaching the championship game. You can be sure that the same attitude is probably in the Alabama locker room also. Does one’s “walk with Christ” determine who wins the game? Does a bigger number of religious people on a team make them win the game? Do the prayers of a team before or during the game influence the outcome? The above article is very revealing because, as is usually the case, when a player says that getting to the championbship game was because of what was done behind closed doors when no one was looking, no one can change that personal belief. In our culture, many people believe that  one’s character and faith are  not and should not be connected,  but in reality one’s faith determines one’s personal character. It is the personal character of a player that determines the consistency of his/her play from game to game, so as a coach it must become a high priority to promote positive actions behind closed doors because that will  influence all of public sport. Remember, what is in the heart and what is deposited there will come out on the field of competition.