“A Great Loss”

As we have watched the Olympics these past few days, we have seen moments of great triumph and also moments of utter devastation. From the ultimate high to the lowest point of an athletic career, a glimpse into the competititve desire of the human soul has been shown to the world. Coinciding with these events,  the Nashville, TN  media carried the story of a very different kind of low today. This low in most minds can be stated as “a great loss.”  A 14 year-old soccer player died at practice doing wind sprints. Now that low brings a whole different perspectitive to the word “loss.” Similar to the young luge athlete at the Olympics losing his life, here is a situation where our viewpoint of life becomes finite.  The death of a member of a team personalizes the main reason to exist as a team. It is in times of deep conflict and struggle that you must remain as a team,  both on the mountain and also in the valley.  A great “team” even though they may struggle with it can process a “great” loss.  As a coach, we must constantly guard against exalting competition where it becomes one’s God and it does not allow for the lows of life to help build character in each individual life.  We love the scent of victory and ascending the podium but character is built in the valleys of our daily walk.


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