The Fear Factor Isn’t Always A Bad Thing

April 7, 2009

I heard an interesting interview with British Open and PGA champion Padrig Harrington the other day. He was asked what motivated him to play so well. You see if he wins The Masters this week that will be three major championships in a row.

But Padrig simply said he was motivated by fear.

“Each week I’m afraid that I’ll miss the cut and won’t even be around for the weekend,” he said.

We all push so hard to try and be confident. To believe that we’re champions way down deep inside. Coaches try to tell us that, and yet here’s a champion telling us a fear of failure can be a powerful motivator as well.

If all the rah, rah hype doesn’t work for you, that’s fine. Find whatever it is that clicks for you and use it.

Coach each kid individually, not just the way you expect them to be.