Tiger Gets Nervous And He’s Fine With It

February 26, 2009


Tiger Woods held his first press conference yesterday, in preparation for his return to the PGA tour this weekend. He’s been out for eight months after reconstructive knee surgery on a torn ACL.  He said there were times when he was discouraged, but fought through that and says his legs are now stronger than ever before.

We can all learn something from those last two statements.

Getting discouraged is normal, but there’s nothing wrong with it. Pushing through and becoming even stronger is taking the bull by the horns and making the best of a tough situation.

When he was asked if he’ll be nervous when he tees it up for the first time on Thursday he said “Sure, but being nervous is fine, it shows that you care”.

That’s the kind of statement we can all take to the bank.  Forget about the guy who tells you just to relax. I can’t do it and Tiger’s telling me it’s not about being nervous, it’s what you do when you’re nervous that counts.

That’ll set you free won’t it?

Thanks Tiger. I hope coaches everywhere are listening in.