Greatness Starts at Home

I watched greatness at work the other night. John Jenkins is a 6-4 senior guard at Station Camp High School in Gallatin, TN. He’s a four-star recruit and one of the top shooting guards in the country who’s already commited to Vanderbilt for next year.

He’s pure silk on the basketball court and scored 57 points in that one game. He’s averaging 44.5 points per game while shooting over 55 percent from the field. What impressed me the most was the day after scoring 57, his coach told me that John apologized to him for scoring that much. His whole aim was to make his teammates better. When I interviewed him he told me that he’d won enough personal awards already in the career. He was more interested in team goals.

I asked his coach where John got that attitude from and he told me it came from home. His parents had instilled in him a desire to learn in the classroom and excell on the basketball court. He was a self motivated, none egotistical young man whose head could be too big for any hat size, but that’s not what he’s made of or how he was raised.

Great coaching starts at home.


One Response to Greatness Starts at Home

  1. Caroline says:

    john’s a senior at my school, and i swear he’s the greatest guy. not only is he a fantastic player, but he’s the nicest guy in the school.
    john won our coming home king about a week ago, no surprise, but he handed it off to his best friend, austin, who’s very active in the sports at our school.
    everybody at schs loves john, i’ve never met someone who doesn’t. he’s just a great guy and deserves everything he’s been offered. we’re happy he chose vandy, because it looks great on his application and the basketball team is great. john promised us tickets to a game which made me happy, haha. he’s the best basketball player i have ever seen, number one in the nation.

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