Spitting, Baseball, and Etiquette

October 31, 2008

Now that the professional baseball season is officially over I have to say something about this beloved game: what’s the deal with spitting? I recorded this a few weeks ago so here’s my take on it…


Who Won The Game? For Now, It Doesn’t Matter.

October 27, 2008

I got a call from my son-in-law in California on Saturday. He had just taken our 4 year old grandson to play in his first football game. Now, I’m not a big lover of letting kids play football at that young an age, but I know that my son-in-law has a great attitude about sports and that little Cade just wanted to be able to run around with the other kids. Lord knows they can’t hit each other hard enough to hurt anyway. It’s just hanging out with other kids under a coach who cares for them.

Anyway, Cade got on the phone, excited as he could be, and here’s how the conversation went:

“Poppi, I just played football.”
“That’s great Cade, did you you a good time?”
“Did you win?”
“I don’t know…daddy did we win?”

For the record, they don’t keep score, because they don’t want the kids to get into winning or losing. I know that has to change in time, but that’s a learning process. For now, just let them have fun and love the game. All Cade knows is that he had fun and both his coach and dad told him he played well. That’s enough for now.

College Football and Your Personal Happiness

October 25, 2008

Coaching the Right Way (The Joe Madden Way)

October 21, 2008

Nick Price: Transparent With Integrity

October 13, 2008

I just watched the Senior Golf Championship and an interview with Nick Price who lost out on a chance to win by missing a couple of key putts in the last few holes.

Price is a former regular tour major championship winner, but now that he’s over 50 he doesn’t play or practice as much as he used to. He did say in the interview that he’s as competitive as he’s always been, but here’s what got me: he said, “I lost any chance at winning the tournament. I didn’t play well down the stretch. I was nervous, with totally negative thoughts over one of those putts and so obviously missed it.”

That’s somewhat of a paraphrase but very close. What blunt talk. I’ve heard from athletes who refuse to put any blame on themselves. I’ve heard that it makes you soft if you instill that kind of mindset into yourself. It seems to go against the grain of everything competitive. But I love it! I can relate to that. I’ve choked over 2 foot putts and to hear a pro say that gives me hope. I’ve always heard and believed that Nick Price was a truly good man, a man of character, and this only makes me even more of a fan.

I don’t think it takes anything away from a competitive nature. I think it serves as an example of honesty. Ultimately sports reflects life. We can’t always be the winners.

The athletes, the coaches, and the people that I respect the most are those who are transparent with integrity.

Jumping For Joy For Your Players

October 1, 2008

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